Dec 10

Life Jacket Wear/Wearing your Life Jacket

The U.S. Coast Guard estimates that life jackets could have saved the lives of over 80 percent of boating fatality victims. Accidents can, and do happen with terrifying speed on the water. There’s rarely time to reach stowed life jackets.

Nov 01

Boater Education

Errors account for 70 percent of boating accidents. Learn the rules and your responsibilities before you boat.

Oct 01

Accident Reporting

The U.S. Coast Guard hopes that you’re never involved in a boating accident. But if you are Federal Law requires that you file an accident report.

Sep 05

Vessel Safety Check

Learn how a free vessel safety check can help you navigate through problem situations.

Florida law requires anyone born after 1987 to take a Boating Safety Course, click here to take the course on-line.